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FAQ – Do I need a CMS?

In this post, I’m going to be honest with you: odds are, you’re not a developer, so you probably shouldn’t be attempting to develop on your business page. Don’t get me wrong, web development is a skill that anyone is far better with than without; however, that being said, one’s page established for their place […]


Bridging the gap: Doing cool things off of the Internet, with the Internet

This is the first article in a series highlighting some new ways to interact with your clients and customers. They will range from beginning to advanced. When E-Moxie first started (officially in 2005, unofficially for years before that), we made websites that only lived on the Internet and some of the most the fancy features […]

Common Oversights in planning Websites – An Overview

Hammering out the best websites also means making the transition from Point A to Point B – the rough draft in the client’s mind to the final deliverable product. While a clear cut plan for the end result can lead to a much smoother development process, it’s completely understandable that there will be parts in […]


Food Photography – A Crash Course

Food Photography- A Crash Course Now that I’m a total expert on food photography (badass), I’d like to share a few helpful tips I’ve picked up. Research Know who you are shooting for and what the end goal is: What kind of restaurant is this? How would they describe their style? Are they modern? Rustic? […]


Liquor Bottle Design Part 1: Rum

Every designer knows that inspiration can be pulled from all different mediums of design. If you are a painter, you could look at architecture, a print designer could look at website design for different elements of design, and so forth. Since I am a website designer I thought what better way for me to get […]

gunz blazin

How E-Moxie Breaks the Tension

Here at E-Moxie, we love what we do; however, that doesn’t mean we don’t get burnt out from time to time. After staring at line after line of code and putting our best foot forward on our design projects though, we need little breaks here and there to keep ourselves fresh. That presents the question: […]

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